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MediaAlpha's Privacy Center allows you to exercise your choices about the personal information (also known as personal data) QuoteLab LLC, doing business as MediaAlpha, has about you. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we handle your information.

If you are a resident of California or Nevada, read Your Privacy Rights to learn more about your rights under California or Nevada law. Of course, you can use this form to submit your privacy rights requests to us including Do Not Sell My Personal Information. You may also call us at 1-833-549-0351 for assistance in exercising your rights.


We want you to be in control of your information. In the form provided below you can submit the following requests or take the following actions to exercise control over the information we have about you:

If you have any questions or need assist call with any of the above call us at 1-833-549-0351.


To get started you must first provide your email and phone number so we can begin processing your request and so we can communicate with you about your request and your choices. Keep in mind that each option provided below is subject to applicable legal limitations. Depending on the type of request you are making and applicable legal requirements, we may also ask you to verify your identity/request or provide additional information before we let you exercise your choices over the information we have about you. We may also reject your request for several reasons, including, by way of example only, if the request risks the privacy of other persons or is unlawful.

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